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2021/2/2: Ver1.2.2
Fixed QR code generation process and image color reduction process.
2021/1/12: Ver1.2.1
Fixed a bug that QR cannot be read.
2020/7/22: Ver1.2.0
Generate color palettes. After converting the image, click the 'Generate Palette' button to convert.
2020/6/7: Ver1.1.2
Fixed an issue where the palette is different for each image when creating multiple images.
Fixed an issue where shared images would disappear after a certain period of time.
Fixed the phenomenon that the operation is unstable when selecting the image again.
2020/6/2: Ver1.1.1
Fixed a bug that could cause the background to fail to be transparent.
2020/5/26: Ver1.1.0
Added the ability to share custom designs.
Added the ability to name custom designs.
Fixed to convert up to 7x7 size images.
Added the ability to make the background transparent.
Fixed a problem in which the selection of large images would shift.

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